From HorseCentre Annerheide and 1 pony to Ridingschool Het Paardrijk. 

This is the story of Het Paardrijk, but my own story as well, Anneke Hoenderdos. Initiator of this ridingschool, with help from my parents, in-laws and my partner Peter.

As an 8 year old girl, I started riding at a ridingschool, just like any other girl. When I was 16 I got involved with horsetrainers and -traders. I don’t like to say that they were treating their horses badly, but it didn’t quite fit the way I like to deal with horses or my vision. That’s why I went into training with a horsewhisperer in Friesland. Here I have been given every possibility to research and try different trainingtechniques. I also started training young children, I soon found out that I loved working with children.

After this trainingperiod, Mystery came into my lifepath. She was my second horse and very scared of humans. By using horselanguage I was able to get in contact with her and we became friends. She tought me most about the horses’ language, and now I’m able to teach this to others as well.

Because I really enjoyed teaching, I came in contact with Marly van Dithuijzen. She was the founder of the Pedagogical  Attendant course at Horsecentre De Eenhoorn in Zutphen. Because it was mandatory for this course to give riding lessons, I bought a pony and started teaching.

It started in 2002 with a small note at a local grocery store. “I give ridinglessons.”.

There were children that had difficulties riding in groups, children with disabilities. With these children, we’ve made a lot of progress. They were feeling better, learning to work together and devoloping their social skills. Because I really wanted to know how to treat these children with special needs, I graduated as a Holistic Childtherapist.

In the mean while, more children came to me, and with more children came more horses. We were looking for a suitable location. In 2005 we were able to purchase Ridingschool ‘t Zeebroek. Ridinglessons were allready being held here, and there was a livery as well. I acquired this business together with my partner Peter and my parents. My parents started a teagarden and a Bed&Breakfast. Peter and I took over the Ridingschool and created our own vision. The horse may be a horse, and you may be yourself.

Throughout the years we have grown as a company to a place where everybody feels at home and everyone is welcome.


Let this story inspire you to follow your heart, and above all; be yourself.



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