Our Vision

Het Paardrijk is no ordinary ridingschool. At Het Paardrijk having fun with horses is our number one priority. Therefore, we are always aiming to work from the child’s and the horses’ perspective.

“The horse may be a horse, and you may be yourself.”

Het Paardrijk’s background lies within the horses’ language. Through this knowledge our Horse&Care coaching has arised. Individual- or groupcoaching with horses for children with for example, Autism, PDD-nos, ADHD, fears or insecurities.

Het Paardrijk also offers ridinglessons to children or adults without disabilities. Novice or experienced, there is a place for everyone. These lessons are called Horse&Fun. These lessons offer a different approach to riding lessons.

Throughout the year we organise a lot of nice activities. Such as horsesoccer, carrousel, horse-of-the-year-elections and getting your FNRS riding-diploma. In addition we also have horsecamps and recently we have started organising Outdoor-riding courses, that prepare you for riding in the woods.

Talentenplan Annerheide offers recreational lessons for children and adults with a disability. Everyone is welcome, whether you are suffering from a mental disorder or a physical disability. Het Paardrijk has access to a lifter (sponsored by Rabobank St. Michielsgestel) and diverse possibilities for mounting and sitting on a horse.

For horses we offer Appaardementen® for rent. Livery from the horses’ perspective.

Het Paardrijk offers two indoor arena’s, a large outdoor arena and lies directly to a beautifull large forest which we like to use whenever the weather lets us.

Het Paardrijk is a four-star FNRS ridingschool.

Discover our website and our possibilities when it comes to horses. If you have gotten curious, please do not hesitate and visit us at Het Paardrijk or our Teagarden Het Aardrijk. Please contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them for you.

We wish you a lot of fun with horses at Het Paardrijk!



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